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 Selfless Love......................

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PostSubject: Selfless Love......................   Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:37 pm

You captivated my heart
and captured my soul
with your invisible charm
and your innocent smile
my life started revolving
around you and your whims
the sparkle in your eyes
mesmerised my senses
and magnetized my feelings
spellbound by your talks
hypnotised by your charm
bewitched by your sincerity
unconciously my heart started
drifting into the land of love
and my thoughts started
weaving million dreams
your irresistable charm,
sweet nature and caring attitude
has captured my heart forever
Don’t ever break my heart my love
be compassionate and forgiving
No matter whatever the circumstances
I’ll be by your side forever and ever
till my existent is buried and erased
from the face of the earth..

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Selfless Love......................
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