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 ~!~First Love~!~!~

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PostSubject: ~!~First Love~!~!~   ~!~First Love~!~!~ Icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 3:14 am

First Love

~!~First Love~!~!~ 30dlefo
Her heart glows like the coals of a warm fire,
Having no trouble with her true felt desire.

Knowing what she wants,
Letting her body flaunt,
Looking as her skin shows bright,
We both know it must be right.

All that has been done,
In the night and in the evening sun,
This fire that we light,
All our love such a beautiful sight.

I feel it in my bones and eyes,
A love that never dies,
We were given a gift,
Something that gave our spirits a lift.

While the sun sinks below the moutain,
Our body naked in a foutain,
A moment to treasure,
A moment Forever,
Such a thing as this,
In the utmost sense is true bliss.

All to be given,
Is the life that's to be liven,
A bond between two,
A bond that is to be shared with you.

This that is so nice,
That odds are the role of the dice,
For me to have you,
Shows me I can be true.

~!~First Love~!~!~ 1167354yin8tsiepjfx8
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PostSubject: Re: ~!~First Love~!~!~   ~!~First Love~!~!~ Icon_minitimeMon Jan 10, 2011 2:18 am

Smile i feel it in my bones n eyes, a love that never dies............. ........ really very nice ,
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~!~First Love~!~!~
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